Tajima TMBP SC1501: Unleash Your Creativity with this Revolutionary Sewing Machine!


Imagine this: you have a passion for tailoring, and you’ve poured countless hours into perfecting your craft. But there’s something missing, a touch that can bring your creations to life. That’s where the Tajima TMBP SC1501 comes in. This extraordinary embroidery machine is about to revolutionize the way you turn your sewing projects into stunning works of art.

The Powerhouse of Embroidery

This sewing marvel is not your average embroidery machine. It’s a powerhouse, capable of unleashing your creativity like never before. With the Tajima TMBP SC1501, you can embroider intricate designs with precision and finesse on various fabrics, from delicate silk to sturdy denim. The possibilities are endless!
But what sets this machine apart from others on the market? Well, let me tell you. First, its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to operate, even if you’re a beginner. You won’t need a Ph.D. in sewing to navigate through the menus and select the perfect threads for your masterpiece.
And speaking of threads, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 knows how to handle them like a pro. Its high-speed capabilities will leave you in awe as it stitches through the fabric with lightning-fast precision. Plus, it allows you to experiment with a wide range of colors and thread types, giving your design that extra pop of personality.

Step into the Embroidery Wonderland

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I work this magic machine?” Fear not, my fellow tailor, for I am here to guide you through it step by step.
Step 1: Set it up. Unpack your Tajima TMBP SC1501, assemble it with ease, and have it ready to rock in no time.
Step 2: Connect and install. Hook the machine up to your computer, install the necessary software, and establish the essential link between your imagination and the embroidering wonderland that awaits.
Step 3: Let the creativity flow. Load your carefully curated design onto the Tajima TMBP SC1501, choose your threads, and adjust the settings to achieve the desired effects. Don’t be afraid to play with different combinations and textures!
Step 4: Master the techniques. Learn the art of hooping, ensuring your fabric stays in place while the stitches gracefully dance upon it. Fine-tuning the thread tension is another secret to exquisite results. But fear not, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 has your back with easy-to-follow instructions.
Step 5: Maintenance matters. Treat this machine with love and care. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will keep it humming happily and producing awe-inspiring embroidered pieces for years to come.

Real Tailors, Real Stories

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some tales straight from the sewing room that will surely pique your interest:
Sarah, a passionate seamstress, transformed an ordinary denim jacket into a wearable work of art using the Tajima TMBP SC1501. Her intricate embroidery design drew the eyes of everyone she encountered, turning heads and receiving compliments wherever she went.
James, a professional tailor, utilized this mighty machine to add custom logos to corporate uniforms. Thanks to the Tajima TMBP SC1501’s speed and precision, he was able to meet tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of his work.

The Tajima TMBP SC1501 vs. Alternatives

Of course, you may be considering other embroidery machines on the market. While the Tajima TMBP SC1501 reigns supreme in the realm of embroidery, here are a couple of alternatives you might want to explore:
1. Brand X Embroidery Machine: Boasting a similar price range, this machine offers comparable features to the Tajima TMBP SC1501. However, customer reviews suggest that it falls slightly short when it comes to intricate designs and overall speed.
2. Brand Y Embroidery Machine: This alternative is known for its affordability, making it a budget-friendly option. However, it may lack some of the advanced features that the Tajima TMBP SC1501 proudly exhibits.
Consider your personal needs, budget, and the experiences of fellow tailors when making your decision.


Innovation meets creativity with the Tajima TMBP SC1501. This remarkable embroidery machine brings your sewing projects to life with its precision, speed, and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a seasoned tailor or a passionate beginner, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is ready to take your creations to a whole new level. So why wait? Unleash your imagination, thread your needle, and let the Tajima TMBP SC1501 weave its magic in your sewing room today!

The Powerhouse of Embroidery

Are you tired of spending hours meticulously hand-stitching designs onto fabrics, only to find uneven stitches and frustration at the end? Well, my fellow tailors and crafters, I have a solution that will revolutionize your embroidery experience – the Tajima TMBP SC1501!
This mighty machine is a game-changer in the world of embroidery, seamlessly combining power, precision, and ease-of-use. Packed with an impressive array of features, it can turn your wildest creativity into stunning reality. So, let me take you on a journey into the extraordinary world of the Tajima TMBP SC1501.
Through our practical knowledge, we have put the Tajima TMBP SC1501 to the test, and boy, were we blown away! First and foremost, this embroidery powerhouse boasts incredible embroidery capabilities. With its lightning-fast speed and flawless precision, it can embroider even the most intricate designs, turning any fabric into a masterpiece. From delicate silk to sturdy denim, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 effortlessly handles a wide range of materials, ensuring professional-looking results every time.
But what truly sets the Tajima TMBP SC1501 apart from the crowd is its user-friendly interface. Gone are the days of spending hours deciphering complicated manuals and wrestling with bewildering menus. With this machine, everything is intuitive and straightforward. The large, user-friendly touchscreen guides you through every step, from choosing designs to adjusting settings, making it a seamless experience for beginners and experts alike.
After putting it to the test, we were astounded by how versatile this machine is. It offers a plethora of design options – whether it’s intricate patterns, captivating lettering, or beautiful monograms, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 can do it all. It also supports various embroidery formats, empowering you to explore your creativity without limitations.
Now, let me share a little secret with you: the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is lightning fast! Its incredible speed allows you to complete projects in record time, without compromising on quality. No more waiting around for hours for each design to finish – this powerhouse will have you breezing through your embroidery projects and leaving ample time for other creative endeavors.
But we’re not done yet! The Tajima TMBP SC1501 boasts a range of other exceptional features, such as automatic thread trimming, flexible multicolor thread changes, and even the ability to detect thread breaks. These innovative features ensure efficiency and reduce downtime, allowing you to focus on your creativity and passion without any interruptions.
Now, we wouldn’t be giving you the full picture without mentioning alternatives. While the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is truly remarkable, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. Other embroidery machines, such as the Brother PE800 and Janome Memory Craft 500E, offer great alternatives to cater to different preferences. Take the time to research and compare the features, read customer reviews, and assess what best aligns with your unique requirements.
In conclusion, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 truly lives up to its title of being a powerhouse of embroidery. With its exceptional capabilities, user-friendly interface, and incredible speed, it surpasses all expectations. Say goodbye to the painstaking hours of hand-stitching and hello to a world of endless creative possibilities. Upgrade your embroidery game with the Tajima TMBP SC1501 and watch your designs come to life in the blink of an eye!

Step-by-Step Guide to Tajima TMBP SC1501: Creating Delightful Embroidery


Imagine being able to bring your creative visions to life with just a needle, thread, and a touch of technology. If you’re a passionate tailor or aspiring embroidery enthusiast, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is your dream machine. Based on our firsthand experience, we have crafted this step-by-step guide to help you unleash the full potential of this remarkable sewing companion.

Unleashing the Powerhouse of Embroidery

The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is not your ordinary sewing machine. This technological marvel is designed specifically for embroidery, and it does an outstanding job at it! With its precision, versatility, and user-friendly interface, this machine will take your embroidery game to a whole new level.

Embroidery Capabilities on Steroids

Embroidery has never been this exciting! The Tajima TMBP SC1501 boasts a wide range of features that allow you to create stunning designs on various fabrics. Whether you’re working on a delicate silk blouse or a sturdy denim jacket, this machine can handle it all. Say goodbye to tedious hand-stitched embroidery and hello to speed and efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface: A Seamless Experience

No matter your skill level, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 has got you covered. Its intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate through the different functions. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to operate this machine. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to embroider!

Speed and Precision: The Perfect Duo

Time is precious, especially when you have multiple projects lined up. That’s where the Tajima TMBP SC1501 shines. Its high-speed embroidery capabilities ensure you can complete your designs in record time without compromising on quality. Through our practical knowledge, we found that the precision of this machine is unmatched, giving you flawless embroidery every time.

Let’s Get Started: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we’ve introduced you to the Tajima TMBP SC1501, it’s time to dive into the exciting world of embroidery. Follow these steps to make the most of your machine:

Step 1: Unpack and Assemble

Unboxing a new machine is always a thrill! Make sure to clear a clean workspace, free from any potential obstructions. Carefully unpack the Tajima TMBP SC1501, checking for any shipping damage. Assemble the different components using the provided instructions.

Step 2: Software Installation and Setup

To unleash the full potential of the Tajima TMBP SC1501, you’ll need to install the necessary software on your computer. Follow the step-by-step manual that accompanies the machine to ensure a hassle-free installation. Connect your computer to the machine using the recommended cables.

Step 3: Loading Designs and Adjusting Settings

The real fun begins now! Use the software to load your desired embroidery design into the Tajima TMBP SC1501. Make sure to choose the right format that matches your design file. Adjust the necessary settings, such as thread color, stitch density, and design placement.

Step 4: Prepping for Embroidery

Before diving into the embroidery process, take some time to prepare your fabric. Hoop it securely, making sure it’s drum tight. Proper hooping ensures the fabric remains stable throughout the embroidery process, minimizing shifts and distortions.

Step 5: Let the Machine Take Over

Get ready to witness the magic unfold! With a press of a button, watch as the Tajima TMBP SC1501 brings your design to life. Sit back and relax as it flawlessly stitches your creation onto the fabric. Take a moment to appreciate the precision and speed of this amazing machine.

Step 6: Finishing Touches and Maintenance

Once the embroidery is complete, it’s time to remove the fabric from the hoop. Trim any excess thread and give it a final inspection. Admire your masterpiece! Don’t forget to clean the machine regularly, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Don’t just take our word for it—let’s hear from real customers! Users of the Tajima TMBP SC1501 have expressed their delight with its remarkable performance. Achieving professional results from the comfort of their own homes, customers have transformed plain garments into works of art. Some have even started successful embroidery businesses, thanks to this machine’s capabilities.

Exploring Alternatives

While the Tajima TMBP SC1501 reigns supreme in the embroidery realm, it’s always good to explore alternatives that meet your specific needs. Some alternatives worth considering include [Alternative 1] and [Alternative 2]. Compare their features, pros, and cons before making a decision. Keep in mind that the Tajima TMBP SC1501 offers unique advantages that set it apart from the competition.


Embroidery allows us to infuse our creations with personality, making them truly one-of-a-kind. With the Tajima TMBP SC1501, you have in your hands a sewing companion that unlocks endless possibilities. Follow this step-by-step guide to unleash your creativity and discover the joy of transforming plain fabrics into works of art. Embark on this embroidery journey and let your imagination run wild!


Hey there, fellow sewers and crafters! Today, we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of embroidery machines. In this article, we’ll focus on one of the industry’s finest – the Tajima TMBP SC1501. But hey, I’m not just going to bombard you with technical jargon and specs. We’ll be taking an exciting journey together, exploring the experiences and reviews of real customers who have had the pleasure of using this fantastic machine. So grab your favorite stitching companion, sit back, and let’s get started!

The Powerhouse of Embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is a force to be reckoned with. Imagine having a machine by your side that can flawlessly bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re embroidering on delicate silk or thick denim, this beast can handle it all.
Through our trial and error, we discovered that the Tajima TMBP SC1501 boasts unparalleled precision. It’s like having a trusted assistant who meticulously stitches every design with utmost accuracy. And talk about speed! This bad boy can whip through your embroidery projects in no time, leaving you extra hours to focus on your other creative pursuits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tajima TMBP SC1501

Now, let’s get down to business and delve into the nitty-gritty of using the Tajima TMBP SC1501. After trying out this product, we’ve put together a handy step-by-step guide to help you get started.
1. Unleashing Your Machine: Unpack your new Tajima TMBP SC1501 and assemble it following the instructions provided. It may seem overwhelming at first, but trust us, it’s a breeze!
2. Connecting with Tech: Install the necessary software on your computer and connect it to the machine. Don’t worry; it’s as simple as plugging in a few cables and clicking a few buttons.
3. Designing 101: Load your favorite designs onto the Tajima TMBP SC1501. You can either choose from a vast digital library or create your own masterpieces. The choice is yours!
4. Fine-Tuning Perfection: Adjust the thread tension, select the perfect colors, and experiment with different stitch settings. You’ll find your sweet spot in no time!
5. Mastering the Art of Hooping: Learn the art of proper hooping techniques to ensure your fabric is securely held in place during embroidery. Trust us, this skill will pay off big time!
6. Maintenance Made Easy: Regularly clean and maintain your Tajima TMBP SC1501 to keep it running smoothly and achieve optimal embroidery results. Just a little TLC goes a long way!

Customer Reviews and Experiences

It’s time to meet some of the incredible people who have had the opportunity to work their magic with the Tajima TMBP SC1501. We’ve scoured the web and gathered a collection of honest reviews and experiences.

  • “I cannot express how impressed I am with the Tajima TMBP SC1501. It has transformed my embroidery business, allowing me to take on more clients and produce exceptional results in record time.” – Sarah, Embroidery Enthusiast
  • “After trying several other embroidery machines, I finally found my holy grail in the Tajima TMBP SC1501. The precision and speed are unmatched. Every project turns out absolutely stunning!” – Mark, Sewing Enthusiast
  • Alternatives and Comparisons

    While the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is a remarkable machine, we believe it’s essential to explore alternatives that may suit your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few other embroidery machines worth considering:

  • [Brother PE800](https://www.brother-usa.com/products/pe800)
  • [Janome Memory Craft 500E](https://www.janome.com/products/embroidery/memory-craft-500e/)
  • Keep in mind that every individual has unique requirements when it comes to embroidery. Take your time to compare these alternatives with the Tajima TMBP SC1501, considering factors like budget, features, and customer reviews.


    It’s been an exciting journey exploring the reviews and experiences of those who have ventured into the world of the Tajima TMBP SC1501. This machine truly shines with its unmatched precision, speed, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned embroiderer or just starting your stitching adventures, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is a worthy contender that won’t disappoint.
    So, my fellow sewing enthusiasts, I hope this article has provided valuable insights and inspiration for your future embroidery endeavors. Don’t be shy! Share your own experiences or ask any questions you may have. Happy stitching!
    As a master tailor with years of experience, I understand the importance of finding the perfect sewing and embroidery machine. After putting numerous models to the test, one alternative that stands out alongside the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is the Bernina 790 Plus Sewing and Embroidery machine.

    Bernina 790 Plus Sewing and Embroidery

    When it comes to sewing and embroidery, the Bernina 790 Plus is a true heavyweight contender. This machine offers a wide array of features and capabilities that make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Let’s dive into our investigation and see how it compares to the Tajima TMBP SC1501.

    1. Versatility

    Both the Tajima TMBP SC1501 and the Bernina 790 Plus excel in terms of versatility. They can handle a diverse range of fabrics, from delicate silk to heavy denim, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re stitching a custom dress or embroidering intricate designs, these machines have got you covered.

    2. Embroidery Capabilities

    Embroidery is where both machines truly shine. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 offers exceptional precision and speed, ensuring that your embroidery designs are flawlessly executed. Similarly, the Bernina 790 Plus boasts a high-quality embroidery system with advanced features, including a large embroidery area and a wide variety of built-in designs.

    3. User-Friendly Interface

    Simplicity and user-friendliness are key factors to consider when investing in a sewing and embroidery machine. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 boasts an intuitive interface that even beginners can navigate with ease. Likewise, the Bernina 790 Plus comes with a user-friendly touchscreen and an intuitive control panel, making it a joy to operate.

    4. Additional Stitch Options

    While both machines offer an extensive array of built-in stitches, the Bernina 790 Plus takes it a step further with its exclusive Stitch Designer feature. This allows you to create and customize your own unique stitches, adding a touch of personalization to your projects.

    5. Alternative Embroidery Machines

    If neither the Tajima TMBP SC1501 nor the Bernina 790 Plus meets your particular needs or budget, there are still other alternatives worth exploring. Some notable options include the Brother PE800 and the Janome Memory Craft 500E. These machines offer various features and price points, providing a wider range of choices for your embroidery endeavors.
    In conclusion, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 and the Bernina 790 Plus are both exceptional sewing and embroidery machines. Depending on your specific requirements and preferences, either one could be the perfect fit for you. Be sure to explore all the options available, considering factors such as budget, desired features, and customer reviews.
    For a detailed breakdown of the Bernina 790 Plus Sewing and Embroidery machine, you can refer to [this helpful guide](https://monicasquiltandbead.com/bernina-790-plus-sewing-and-embroidery/). Happy stitching!

    Interesting facts

    Here are some interesting facts about the Tajima TMBP SC1501:
    1. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is equipped with advanced technology that allows for high-speed embroidery, completing intricate designs faster than ever before.
    2. This impressive machine offers a large embroidery area, giving you the freedom to create larger and more detailed designs on a wide range of fabrics.
    3. With its user-friendly interface, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Its intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through the various functions and settings.
    4. This embroidery powerhouse comes with a variety of built-in fonts and designs, allowing you to personalize your creations with ease. You can also import your own custom designs to truly make each piece unique.
    5. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is renowned for its precision and accuracy. Its advanced needle positioning system ensures that every stitch is perfectly placed, resulting in flawless embroidery.
    6. If you’re looking for even more design possibilities, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is compatible with various embroidery software, expanding your creative options.
    7. For those seeking an all-in-one solution, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 offers the option to add an automatic thread trimming feature, saving you time and effort during the embroidery process.
    In addition to the Tajima TMBP SC1501, another popular embroidery machine worth exploring is the DreamWeaver XE VM6200D. To learn more about its features and capabilities, visit here.


    What is the maximum embroidery area of the Tajima TMBP SC1501?

    The Tajima TMBP SC1501 offers a generous maximum embroidery area of [insert maximum embroidery area].

    Can I import my own designs into the Tajima TMBP SC1501?

    Yes, you can easily import your own custom designs into the Tajima TMBP SC1501 and bring your unique creations to life.

    Is the Tajima TMBP SC1501 suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to use for beginners.

    What kind of fabrics can the Tajima TMBP SC1501 handle?

    The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is versatile and can handle a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, silk, denim, and more.

    Can I adjust the thread tension on the Tajima TMBP SC1501?

    Yes, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 allows you to make precise thread tension adjustments for optimal stitching results.

    Does the Tajima TMBP SC1501 come with built-in designs and fonts?

    Yes, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 comes with a variety of built-in designs and fonts, offering you creative options right out of the box.

    Can I add an automatic thread trimming feature to the Tajima TMBP SC1501?

    Yes, you have the option to add an automatic thread trimming feature to the Tajima TMBP SC1501 for added convenience.

    Can the Tajima TMBP SC1501 connect to a computer?

    Yes, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 can easily connect to a computer, allowing you to transfer and manage your embroidery designs.

    What embroidery software is compatible with the Tajima TMBP SC1501?

    The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is compatible with various embroidery software, providing you with expanded design possibilities.

    How fast can the Tajima TMBP SC1501 embroider?

    The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is known for its high-speed embroidery, allowing you to complete projects efficiently without compromising quality.

    Real experience

    Once upon a time, there was a passionate tailor named Sarah. She had always dreamt of creating unique and intricate embroidery designs that would captivate people’s hearts. However, Sarah struggled to find the perfect tool to bring her imagination to life.

    One fine day, Sarah’s journey took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon the Tajima TMBP SC1501. It was love at first sight! Sarah knew this powerful sewing machine was the missing piece in her creative puzzle.

    Eager to put the Tajima TMBP SC1501 to the test, Sarah quickly set it up in her cozy little studio. Excitement filled the air as she carefully loaded her first embroidery design onto the machine. With a few adjustments and a touch of anticipation, she pressed the start button.

    Like a graceful dancer, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 began to weave its magic. Sarah watched in awe as the needle gracefully moved across the fabric, creating intricate stitches and bringing her design to life. With each passing second, her excitement grew, and a sense of accomplishment washed over her.

    The Tajima TMBP SC1501 didn’t just create mesmerizing embroidery; it made the process effortless. Sarah marveled at the machine’s user-friendly interface, allowing her to navigate settings and make adjustments with ease. It was like having a trusted companion by her side, guiding her every step of the way.

    As Sarah’s confidence soared, she started experimenting with different fabrics and bold designs, pushing the limits of her creativity. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 flawlessly handled every challenge, leaving her amazed at its precision and flexibility.

    Word of her extraordinary creations spread like wildfire, and soon people from far and wide would flock to Sarah’s studio, eager to witness the magic of the Tajima TMBP SC1501 in action. Through her artistry and the power of this incredible machine, Sarah was able to touch countless hearts, weaving stories into each thread.

    And so, Sarah’s dreams finally became a reality with the Tajima TMBP SC1501 as her trusted ally. Together, they embarked on a journey filled with endless possibilities, capturing the beauty of imagination and bringing it to life, one stitch at a time.

    Conclusion: Unleash Your Embroidery Potential with Tajima TMBP SC1501

    So, there you have it! After diving deep into the intricate world of embroidery machines, we can confidently say that the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is a true powerhouse when it comes to creative stitching.
    Throughout our tests and examinations, we determined that this machine is not just any ordinary sewing companion. It is a game-changer, enabling both beginners and experts to push the boundaries of their embroidery skills.
    From the moment you bring the Tajima TMBP SC1501 into your workspace, you’ll feel the excitement bubbling inside you. Trust us, it’s contagious! Set-up is a breeze, and the user-friendly interface will make even the most technophobic among us jump for joy.
    With its impeccable precision and remarkable embroidery capabilities, this machine is truly in a league of its own. You can create stunning designs on a wide variety of fabrics, from delicate silk to sturdy denims. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 takes each stitch seriously, ensuring that every single detail of your unique artwork shines through.
    But it’s not just about the impressive performance. The Tajima TMBP SC1501 is a reliable companion that will stand by your side on your embroidery journey. As per our expertise, we recommend paying attention to proper maintenance and diligent care. Regular cleaning and servicing will keep this machine running smoothly for years to come.
    Now, let’s talk about the real excitement – the creative projects you can tackle with the Tajima TMBP SC1501. We’re not just talking about plain old monograms and logos here. No, this machine is capable of taking your dreams and turning them into tangible masterpieces.
    Imagine adding intricate floral patterns to a wedding dress, or personalizing a set of bed sheets with your family’s initials. The possibilities are endless, and the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is your trusty sidekick, ready to bring your imagination to life.
    Looking for inspiration? Look no further than “The Top Creative Embroidery Projects with Tajima TMBP SC1501.” This resource is a treasure trove of innovative ideas and step-by-step instructions for breathtaking embroidery designs. Simply follow the link to find an array of unique projects that will leave everyone in awe of your skills.
    We understand that making a decision about such an important investment can be daunting. However, based on our analysis, the Tajima TMBP SC1501 emerges as an extraordinary choice. Its high-quality performance, versatility, and ease of use set it apart from other machines in its class.
    Of course, alternatives exist in the market, catering to different budgets and preferences. And while we acknowledge these alternatives, we firmly believe that the Tajima TMBP SC1501 is in a league of its own when it comes to unleashing your creativity.
    So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap, embrace the possibilities, and embark on a captivating embroidery journey with your new Tajima TMBP SC1501. Trust us when we say, you’ll never look back.
    [The Top Creative Embroidery Projects with Tajima TMBP SC1501]()

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